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Magic-Widget is an online system for making pop-up notifications with extended statistics and advanced functionality



Why Do You Need This?

Grow Sales

Are you looking for opportunities to better convert your website traffic? Raise your sales by 100-150% with Magic-Widget. Make amazing pop-ups to promote special offers, provide discounts and sales coupons, and redirect to the high converting product pages.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

Use exit-intent display trigger to show Informational or Call To Action pop-up for users who want to leave the cart page.

Here can be effectively used Last Conversions and Active Users notifications.

Redirect to High Converting Pages

Forward visitors to featured product pages providing secret limited-time offers with countdown pop-up notification.

Provide Coupons Code

Users like to fill themselves like they are in the right place at the right time.

Make Coupon Code pop-ups displayed on a certain page or the whole website.

Inform New Visitors

If you need to drive additional sales to certain products make an appropriate pop-up displayed on any page for new users. Here you can effectively use notifications with testimonials and ask for feedback.

Promote Special Offers

Inform users about special product events and offers.

Wait-List Subscription

Create a pop-up to collect users’ emails and include them into the waitlist.

Invite Users To Product Webinars

Request for users’ emails to register in product webinar. Redirect them to the secret page with some free materials.

Offer Limited Time Product Samples

Use Count-down and Coupon Code pop-ups to inform about a limited-time offer.

Collect Users Feedback

Create amazing pop-ups using the score, emoji, or text feedback.

Collect Score Feedback

Create a user-friendly pop-up to collect score feedback.

Collect Emoji Feedback

Create user-friendly pop-up to collect emoji feedback.

Collect Text Feedback

Create a user-friendly pop-up to collect text feedback.

Attract Phone and Email Leads

Use your website as the best marketing tool to collect phone and email leads with pop-up widgets.

Email Leads

Offer free product samples, discounts, ebooks, consultations, or invite to company events with pop-up email widget.

Users will be redirected to the hidden page after submitting the required data.

Phone Leads

Use the pop-up callback widget to collect the phone numbers of your users.

The sales team will welcome the opportunity to directly communicate with interested clients and personally explain the benefits of your product.

Inform and Encourage Auditory

Tell users about company Events and Special Offers

Promote Limited-Time Offer

Offer free product samples, discounts, ebooks, consultations, or invite to company events with pop-up email widget.

Users will be redirected to the hidden page after submitting the required data.

Display Cookie Notification

Use the pop-up widget to display cookie notification.

Display Engaging Video Content

Use video pop-up widget to display latest news, events, and product test.

Encourage auditory

Call To Action pop-up widget lets you encourage auditory and attract attention to the defined products or pages.

Ensure Social Media Activity

Advanced functionality to share information and display links to social media accounts.

Social Share

Let users share your page with the Social Share pop-up widget.

Display Social Media Links

Show all related company links with the Social Media pop-up widget.

Notification Types



Fully customizable informational message for your visitors.

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Sales Coupon

The best way to provide a sales coupon.

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Live Counter

Show your visitors how many people are on your site just now to create more trust.

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Email Collector

Easily collect emails for your sales team.

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Latest Conversion

Show your most recent conversions on your site.

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Conversions Counter

Show how many recent conversions you’ve got.

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Easily display a small widget with an informative YouTube video.

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Social Share

Let users share your content and generate more traffic to your site.

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Random Review

Display a random review/testimonial from your clients.

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Emoji Feedback

An interactive way for your users to give you feedback about your site.

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Cookie Notification

Notify your users that you are using cookies on your site.

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Score Feedback

The easiest way for your users to give you score feedback.

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Request Callback

Collecting leads has never been easier with the request collector.

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Countdown Collector

Encourage users to action creating urgency

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Custom Code

Add the custom code to make the fully pop-up notification.

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Informational Bar

The fully customizable informational bar for the top or bottom.

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Display a small widget with an informative Image of your choice.

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Email Collector Bar

Collect emails or leads without distracting the users.

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Coupon Bar

Top or bottom simple bar to give your visitors a nice coupon for them to use.

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Button Bar

Top or bottom cool bar to promote anything to your visitors.

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Top-Image Modal Email Form

Collect leads with a nice looking and big top-image modal.

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Left-Image Modal Email Form

Collect leads with a nice looking and big left-image modal.

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Call to action

Raise awareness and call to action with a nice looking modal.

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Text Feedback

Collect better and straight forward insight from your users.

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Engagement Links

Display a subtle widget which contains all of your relevant links.

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Whatsapp Widget

Display a Whatsapp widget to provide technical support.

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Contact Us Widget

Display a Contact Us widget to provide contact details.

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