How to make
a pop-up for Joomla CMS website



Joomla is an old Content Management System, mostly used for eCommerce stores and corporate portals. Its usage share decreased from 12% in 2010 to 2.6% in 2022.

Joomla is known for its flexibility and scalability, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of websites, from personal blogs to large enterprise websites. It also provides a range of extensions and integrations to extend the functionality of the platform, as well as a large community of developers who contribute to its ongoing development.

One of the key advantages of Joomla is its user management and permission system, which allows businesses and organizations to manage multiple users with different levels of access and permissions. It also provides a range of security features, including two-factor authentication and regular security updates.

Overall, Joomla is a powerful and flexible content management system that offers a range of features and customization options, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations with diverse website needs.

But if you are still a Joomla user, there is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the power of pop-up notifications with Magic Widget tools.

Find below a step-by-step guide on how to create a pop-up for the Joomla website.

Create an Account or Sign In

Create a Campaign

Pop up builder create campaign

Connect the Website

Copy the embed code and insert it into the head tag of your website.

connect the website
embed code

Login to the Joomls CMS admin panel.

Insert the Embed Code

Go to Extensions -> Templates and edit the installed template.

Preferably is using some extension to add code to the header.

But if the extension is not available and the template is provided by a third-party add embed code each time you update the template.

Create the Notification

Now your Joomla CMS website is connected and you can create Magic Widget pop-up notifications to boost your sales.