How to make
a pop-up for Progress Sitefinity website



Progress Sitefinity is easy to use intuitive online web builder for marketers to implement online marketing campaigns with the opportunity to add the chat bot.

It includes a built-in drag-and-drop page builder that allows users to easily create and customize website pages without requiring technical knowledge or coding skills. The page builder offers a range of pre-built widgets and modules that can be customized to fit the user’s needs, including text boxes, image galleries, contact forms, and more.

In addition to the page builder, Sitefinity also offers a range of customization options, including the ability to create custom templates, modules, and widgets. It also provides a range of integrations with other tools and services, including social media, marketing automation, and analytics platforms.

Overall, Sitefinity’s page builder and customization options make it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations that want to create and manage websites easily and efficiently, without requiring extensive technical knowledge or development resources.

Build your website using e-commerce fubctionality and track the results.

The greate option is to enchance the project with Magic Widget pop-up notifications.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to make the pop-up for the Sitefinity website.

Create an Account or Sign In

Create a Campaign

Pop up builder create campaign

Connect the Website

Copy the embed code and insert it into the head tag of your website.

connect the website
embed code

Login to the Progress Sitefinity admin panel

Insert the Embed Code

Add the code to the each page. Click on page name to edit.

Progress Sitefinity

Click on Title & properties.

Progress Sitefinity insert the code

Insert the code as it is shown on the screenshot.

Progress Sitefinity pop-up

Click Save button.

Create the Notification

Now your Progress Sitefinity website is connected and you can create Magic Widget pop-up notifications to boost your sales.